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Hi! I’m Dr. Becca Ballinger

Child Psychologist & Modern Parenting Expert

Why Should You Choose One of My Parenting Classes?

You know you need to complete a court-mandated parenting class (sometimes called a Parent Education and Stabilization Class), but which one is the best one for you?

As a child psychologist and Modern Parenting Expert who has worked with countless parents over the years at my Southern California private practice, Modern Parenting Solutions, I know the top questions that worry parents who are looking for a co-parenting or parenting skills class:

  • How do I handle a difficult ex whose only goal is to make my life miserable?
  • What exactly is child support and how does it work?
  • How do I instill values and discipline in my child if their other parent doesn’t care about household rules?
  • How do I handle the intense ups and downs of emotions involved with co-parenting? I’m tired of this emotional roller coaster!
  • How do I move on from my breakup and feel good about me as an individual?

My parenting classes don’t waste your time. I teach you the best tips and strategies that work for all of my private practice clients in easy-to-view online videos. Plus, you get your completion certificate emailed to you AS SOON AS YOU FINISH WATCHING THE VIDEOS.

We Offer Two Different Court-Ordered Classes

Scroll below to find out which class best fits your needs.

Court-Ordered Co-Parenting/Divorce Class


This class teaches parenting skills specifically for parents who are single parents seeking custody of their child or for newly divorced parents.

After completing this course, you’ll:

  • Know how to communicate with your ex without going crazy!
  • Never feel railroaded by your ex again – you’ll feel confident that YOUR thoughts and wishes are being heard
  • Develop a close and positive relationship with your child

Earn your completion certificate by watching our pre-recorded parenting videos – no tricky quizzes or tests.


Court-Ordered Parenting Skills Class


This class teaches everything today’s parent needs to know in order to raise a child who is kind, respectful, and has a close and positive bond with their parent.

After completing this course, you’ll:

  • Feel confident using the discipline strategies taught in the discipline module
  • Feel closer and more connected to your child after learning our connection strategies
  • Parent using your own personal passions, values, and beliefs

Lesson videos are pre-recorded, so you can watch them on YOUR schedule (or re-watch them as needed!).

The lessons also include helpful worksheets to help you apply the strategies to your unique family.


Satisfied Students

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What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

I like that Dr. Ballinger not only has a lot of experience with co-parents, but she has been through the co-parent journey herself. I definitely feel that she understands the struggle and knows what works and what doesn’t.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

I like how the class addressed the parent themselves on a more basic understanding. It wasn’t just about improving skills, but about becoming a happier and better person too, and I really needed that!

I very much enjoyed this whole experience and feel that I’ve improved since the beginning to the end. Also, the lessons seemed very structured.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

All the topics are pertinent to most co-parenting situations. REALLY REALLY GREAT COURSE! I only took the course for my own self-improvement and I got more out of it than I expected.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

I love how examples were given throughout each topic that was introduced. I love how she gave us situations from her own life or her clients’ lives.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

I liked that [Dr. Ballinger] was thorough but not too overwhelming and gave all the examples to help relate it to life situations.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

Good videography, well-spoken, and great attachments

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

It feels like it’s one-on-one, and it’s broken up nicely.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

I liked the different recommendations given for the different developmental stages, rather than just giving generic suggestions.

You’ll Find Everything You Need Online

The only online court-mandated Co-Parenting/Divorce and Parenting skills classes that address the unique challenges of today’s parent!

  • 100% court approved, or your money back
  • Work through the video lessons at your own pace
  • Receive a completion certificate immediately after completing the video lessons
  • No tricky quizzes – this course provides easy-to-watch video lessons + optional worksheets
  • Learn relevant tips and strategies from a child psychologist who is also a divorced mom.